Sunday, June 28, 2009

Apple tree scenario...

I am my father's daughter. Hand washing my dishes is my latest evolution....and avoiding the microwave. My friend Brooke and I sat around one afternoon last week looking up additives. BHT is my newest to avoid. I noticed it as a preservative in cereal....nasty stuff.

We had our appointment with our naturopathic doctor on Thursday and I think it's the change we've been looking for as far as medical guidance goes. He put Jack on an allergen free probiotic (I had him on a soy based one before we learned of the soy allergy - ugh), he ordered an array of blood tests which we did Friday morning, and we're going back this week for a heal stick blood test to test for more allergens. In the meantime we're giving Jack gluten which he said will help with the testing for gluten allergies because with exposure they'll be able to better detect the antibodies. So Friday I gave him oat and barley and he did great with that as far as I can tell although some allergies (delayed response allergies) take up to 72 hours to affect the body. Yesterday afternoon we gave him a piece of organic whole grain bread and some organic whole wheat pasta. He went to bed at 7 pm and then from about 1:30 am to 4:00 am he tossed and turned, burped, itched, and mumbled. No fun. It's possible it was the wheat and he has a wheat specific allergy/intolerance/sensitivity or it could have been the yeast in the bread. That was way out of character so something was up. He rashed all over his body if I ate wheat while I breastfed him so this is not a new development,that's why I've had him off of it. Hopefully between test results and the naturopath's guidance we'll find what's best for Jack. I'm so tired of the trial and error but I'll do what it takes to figure this out. Next week he'll be prescribing us a vitamin/mineral supplement, once we see if he has any deficiencies. That's what's new on that!

I've been doing a lot of self exploration this week as well. I think it's very easy for someone on the outside of this situation to look in and conclude that we're too strict with Jack's food, that perhaps he could have a "little" bit of the allergen and be okay, or that it can't be as serious as we make it out to be. The truth for me is that the body's response to an allergen is the response it would have if it were poisoned. I wouldn't feed my child a "little" poison nor would I give him a bite of ice cream or egg containing baked good. His leaky gut won't heal if he's constantly exposed to allergens. I have to let others' opinions glide off me because in the end this is my son and he is my responsibility and what other people would do isn't what matters. It's so easy to get angry knowing that our environment and food industry are causing so many children to be plagued with allergies but my hope is that as we learn more about this epidemic we'll be forced to take a harder look at what we're exposing these kids (and embryos) to. These allergies are a result of greed for money and power and immediate gratification. I'm working hard to breathe deeply and rest assured that our higher power is in control, this journey is getting easier.


  1. I found your blog through Vanessa's, and we are dealing with very similar circumstances with our 3-year old. He has just been diagnosed with a soy allergy, and he seems to be allergic to soybean oil as well as the protein. Our younger son is showing signs of a milk allergy. So between the two, we are avoiding almost every single store-bought food out there. It has been a battle, and we have had similar responses--you're making it up, I never had stomach problems when I was litte, my kids never needed all that special treatment, and on and on. Thanks for blogging about it! It's nice to read from someone who is a few steps farther down the road than we are! :)

  2. We are on a similar journey too and I found the same thing with my daughter- that while I was breastfeeding she reacted to soy protein and soybean oil...
    also we have now found that she also has salicylate intolerance and possible mitochondrial is my hope too that as we try and heal her system with whole foods...that the world will start to look at the exposures ans what is causing this to happen in our kids...
    I have already started too since inmy former life I was a chemist... and I have found lots of connections... :(

    Thanks for your post and good luck with your son!