Monday, June 15, 2009

Bah-da bah-da da da..

Monday Monday, knee deep in snot. Justin woke up sick too so that makes three. I always seem to either avoid the virus or I get it just as they're all getting better. I think it's due to sleep deprivation and a weak immune system. So I'll be upping my greens and water intake. And hopefully we'll all get a nap today! Poor Jack is too miserable to play which Harvey doesn't seem to understand. Fortunately Jack has perched on the couch where Harvey can't pound on him.

Weekend grub was pretty simple. Roasted some acorn squash, made sandwiches. Soup, cereal, easy stuff. Working on a chili recipe that I'll share once perfected. Super yumm! Watched another documentary this weekend called King Corn. We all know that corn is way overused here, it's in EVERYTHING, even's all our livestock eats anymore and it's not at all what they're meant to eat. If they weren't slaughtered they'd die soon after just due to poor diet. Corn makes them fat fast and it's dirt cheap so it makes financial sense. Just another reason to avoid the stuff. The process of corn farming is fascinating. The corn seeds themselves are genetically tampered with so that the corn isn't affected by the weed killer that it's sprayed with and it's altered so that if you plant it, it won't grow. This way the farmers have to purchase the seed from the seed peeps instead of saving seed from their crop to plant the next season. Same goes for all of our fruits and vegetables. You can't plant an apple in the backyard and grow a tree anymore, those seeds are infertile. Healthy stuff eh? Why don't we know these things, and more importantly why don't we do something about it?? Farmers markets are my best solution. "Organic" and even "locally grown" are now buzz words and the supermarkets are going to use them. We can't live in paranoia, that'll send you to an early grave as well but I have a feeling my little garden won't be so little next year. I remember being young and watching my dad grind wheat berries to make flour.....that doesn't seem so crazy anymore. Heck, I could go a step further and grow the wheat (saw some kids do it on sesame street, can't be that complicated)! But hmmmm....where would I get seeds that haven't been tampered with??? And this is why I can't over think this stuff....I'd never sleep again.

Sweet Potato Zucchini and Tofu Chili

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  1. that lil baby is the spitting image of you!!
    Beluga is my cat ~ this is Kelly btw.