Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June glooooom...

My partner in crime was on the scene yesterday so we took the boys to the zoo. Super crowded for a Tuesday but the weather was perfect. Jack wanted to walk but he won't hold hands and he does this sort of running in place bit and looks at us like "I'm getting away".....hmm. At least he didn't pee his pants.

Made tabouli which Jack can't have but guess who loved it?? Also roasted some veggies in olive oil and garlic. Yum! Even Justin liked them! Going to make wraps with the leftovers and avocado and hummus today. We were planning to go to a water park this morning but our buddy Troy is sick and the
weather is poo. Going to do some grocery shopping after Harvey's nap. I'm going to make rice in coconut milk, hopefully Jack won't act like I'm trying to kill him when I put it on his plate. I'm also in search of a palatable gluten free bread for him.

Still feeling awesome. Realized yesterday that people think I'm straight nuts. Oh well. First question I've gotten (3x) is "where do you get your
protein?". Just a few examples: 1/2 cup of walnuts - 7 g protein and 10% iron, 1 cup of soy milk - 7 g protein and 6% iron , 1 sprouted wheat tortilla - 5 g protein, 6% iron. Not only am I getting enough protein but the foods I'm getting the protein from are healthier because they're full of nutrients. We don't like eating empty calories but eating empty protein seems to be readily accepted by our nutrition guidelines. Interesting.
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"People are the only animals that drink the milk of another species. All other animals stop drinking milk altogether after weaning. It is unnatural for a dog to nurse from a giraffe;
a child drinking the milk of a mother cow is just as strange. It is not surprising that problems ensue from this inherently unnatural act."

"The protein of animal muscle (steak, chicken, meat, fish fillets, etc.) is far more concentrated and acidic than the plant protein found in whole grains, legumes, and green vegetables. This concentrated, acidic protein load can leach calcium from the bones, contributing to osteoporosis."
Michael A. Klaper, M.D., American author and lecturer, Pregnancy, Children and the Vegan Diet, Vegan Nutrition: Pure and Simple

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