Monday, June 8, 2009

New Endeavors..

If you're reading this (duh) you may be wondering why on earth I would blog....I'm always complaining of being tired from being up with the baby, I'm uber busy keeping Jack entertained, not to mention the slight obsession I have with keeping our home intact. Well, for one, I have recently taken on the challenge of vegan eating and with that has come some pretty amazing energy! I'm six days in and already my skin is sparkling, I don't neeeeeed coffee, and I can walk on my hands without wrist pain again - so useful. This blog will be chock full of what we're eating, what we're up to, the obstacles we face in nourishing our food allergic boy along with it's many rewards. And probably a good amount of sarcasm and grammatical errors!

Harvey had me up at 5:30 am. I brought him downstairs and tried to sleep between peek-a-boo giggles with the blanket but as time passed my eye lids propped open on their own. I'm slowly weaning off the bean so I had one gorgeous cup of joe before Jack woke at 7. Here we are snuggling. Breakfast was a smoothie and some raw walnuts for me, soy milk with a probiotic and a banana for Jack, and whole grain toast with vegan butter and organic strawberry jam for Harvey.

For lunch we made burritos with sprouted wheat tortillas, black beans, salsa, lettuce, and avocado. I ate two......minus the bits I gave Harv....and Jack apple and rice noodles. Still working on this kid. His appetite is awful and I will not give up on finding ways to keep him fed.

Harvey loved it! He's my little foodie! Dinner plans are still rolling around my brain. Justin isn't fully on board but is willing to at least try what I prepare so I'll be juggling for a while. He'll eat spinach salad but not sauteed, he'll eat a veg sandwich but he'll want cheese on his, etc. He described butternut squash soup at tasting like thanksgiving and couldn't finish it because he has a low threshold for veg consumption. This will take time but it's no mission impossible.

Just finished the book The China Study and I don't know if it's the information in the book or just that I'm feeling so much better eating a plant based diet but I don't even WANT animal foods anymore. Keeping the house full of fresh delicious options is key so we'll be doing more farmers markets and grocery runs but I look forward to the shopping and making new discoveries. Obviously I'm excited about this lifestyle shift or I wouldn't be blogging it....hopefully it will inspire at least one other person to give it a try, even if it's one meal a week. Every little bit counts!

Ref is needed as the boys have dismantled the couch and are using it as their own personal WWF ring. Wrestling starts at 11 months old?? Really????

Peace and much love,



  1. Hi Juniper! So great to hear your success so far. I'll hopefully remember to come read your updates. :)

  2. I'll be reading your stuff .I love the way you write. I was a lacto-vegetarian for 7 yrs before K was ever born but I craved meat when I was pregnant with her. I was really good about combining grains etc for the correct protein intake but I guess it wasn't enough and I had no problems having a burger. I have thought about going back so maybe this will be my push. My sis-in-law does the raw food diet stuff and feels wonderful, but that is too extreme for me. Even totally vegan might not be right for me but I will find my correct fit. Biggest challenge I have is SUGAR right now. Wish we had a Farmer's Market up here...that would also help.
    Good luck on your new endeavor. Sounds like you are very committed to it. I commend you!! HUGS!

  3. I always wished I could be a vegan. I plan on it when we have more money and can buy the good stuff or at least stick to mostly a vegi diet/fruits/grains diet. I'm gonna add your blog to my list... add me too!