Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weaning off the bean...

That's right, I'm kicking the habit. Sure, I'll indulge in a cup now and then but I just don't want to be a dependant junky anymore. I've switched to green tea which is keeping withdrawal symptoms at bay. Looked at the ingredients of my Good Earth lemongrass green tea this morning though and found that it contains soy lecithin...WHAT!?!? Can't I drink a little flippin' tea without chemical additives? I'll be combing the tea section today for something less commercial. My new favorite mid morning snack has been sauteed chard with mushrooms and garlic. It gives me a huge energy boost and Harvey likes it! I'm going to throw some brocoli rabe from our neighbors garden in it today. We have another neighbor across the street with a huge urban garden and we had zucchini from it last night. Was also given green onions, lettuce, and green beans. Love it!

Made a vegan lasagna a couple nights ago and it turned out great. I used tofu which I blended with herbs as a ricotta and layered that with the noodles, sauce, eggplant and zucchini. I think that next time I'll leave out the eggplant, I'm finding that I only like eggplant if it's spicy. Next time I'll use more mushrooms too. Justin loved it and said it tasted like regular cheese lasagna. Score.

Heading outdoors to enjoy this beautiful day with my beautiful boys!

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