Sunday, July 26, 2009

Game plan

Almost a full month of no blogging....bad girl!

Lotsa stuff happening here and just haven't had the drive to share. Working things through in my head became a priority. We have made some amazing progress with Jack. Our naturopath (also a DAN! doctor) has been wonderful and the test he did for IGG allergies came back with very helpful results. IGE allergies are the ones we've tested for previously, they are immediate response allergies, the ones that make Jack hive, etc. This test was for delayed response allergies and it tested for about 80 foods, most of which Jack is intolerant to. Rather than picking apart the results he assured me that this points to one thing - leaky gut syndrome. So we'll be focusing on gut healing. We'll continue to avoid major allergens and the super high intolerances such as soy. Jack is now on an enzyme blend that will help to break down the food he eats as well as a gut healing supplement of amino acids etc. Also a liquid vitamin, probiotics, and cod liver oil. I've switched him to hemp milk which seems to be agreeing with him but am going to start making my own milk with sunflower seeds because he's neither allergic nor intolerant to! Yummo! Fortunately bananas are another super safe food and he loves bananas. So, all in all I'm feeling really great about all this. The list of foods that don't agree with him came as no surprise to me, confirmation really. And just a week into the supplements his appetite has grown and he just seems to be feeling better. His language has been booming too, he's getting really bossy. :)

Harvey turned a year old on the 12th and Jack will be 3 on the 5th, we had a big birthday bash for them yesterday and it was a hit. Harvey slept through most of it.

Will get some recent pics up soon and definitely want to get back into recipe creating mode. Lately it's been a whole lotta roasted veggies, sandwiches, and burritos. Which I never seem to grow tired of. Made some kick butt vegan cupcakes so that Jack could have one and he ACTUALLY ate some of it. *high five!!*

If you'd like to read more on leaky gut it's quite interesting.

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