Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Progress Report

It's been a month since I've posted anything (I'm sensing a trend here) but I'm not giving up. I've really relaxed with out diet, still eating lotsa veg and avoiding processed foods but am indulging in food in moderation because I've really become so grateful than I CAN. I really feel that because I felt that I had no control over Jack's eating that I felt a strong need to control my own eating. Plus I became so angry with the food industry for playing a role in my child's allergies and ailments that I wanted to avoid it's products as a way of kicking it's ass. Because Jack has improved so much and is eating more I've switched gears a bit and become very focused on allergen free food rather than vegan specific food. Myself and a friend of mine who also has a child with allergies have been combining our allergen free recipes and hoping something will come of it. This all would serve some purpose if our struggles can create something that will make life easier for others.

Jack is wonderful. The changes may seem subtle to some but to Justin and I they are life changing. Jack is just more calm, joyful, and expressive. The supplements have improved his appetite and he is gaining weight. We've done some more testing and learned that Jack is free of candida and doesn't have any bacterial issues so he no longer needs the probiotics. We also got a test result showing a marker for pancreatic disfunction but we already sort of knew from the other test that his pancreas was failing to produce enzymes. The more I learn about enzymes the more I love them. They are necessary for so much more than just digestion, it's no wonder Jack is feeling so much better!