Thursday, December 17, 2009

Allergies stink...

That sort of sums up our day... One of my biggest motivations for this blog is that it's a great tool to look back on.

I was so excited to receive my big Gold Mine Natural Food Co order yesterday. Some great products, lots of raw and organic goodness. I got excited and used a product called Mirin on some noodles for Jack last night. I read the label but didn't take the time to research it...the ingredients list reads: Organic sweet rice, organic shochu (water, organic rice, Koji (aspergillus oryzae)), organic rice, sea salt. My mind went "okay, rice, rice, fermentation stuff, salt, cool !!". Not so much. Jack ate it all up and I was stoked that we now had a product similar to soy sauce without all the soy and wheat. He woke this morning with an allergic reaction and has been on the pot off and on all day. My poor babe. Got on google (thank the heavens for technology) and found that "Koji (aspergillus oryzae)" is MOLD. Duh. Mother.... There's our allergen. Why I didn't do that yesterday is beyond me.

Not sure how long the reaction will last since this is a first time offense but I'm hoping it's just a day and not a week like some other allergens. His appetite has been great today and he seems fine. Thankfully he's a champ at booking it to the bathroom. I'm upping his amino acid supplement to help restore his gut lining and giving him some extra enzymes to help clear his system of the "pathogen". *sigh*

Tried making the switch to Dandy Blend ( this morning but discovered that quitting caffeine when you've gotten about 5 hours of sleep and got up at 5am is just stupid. Taste was nice enough though! Justin's off work next week so I'll try again when I've caught up on my Zzz's (here's hoping!). Harvey's cutting the very last tooth in his mouth (until 2yr molars) so he's been a bit of a bear...good thing he's so stinking cute!


  1. It's that cuteness factor that God gives kids so that they remain alive to see another day!

  2. P.S. I am so sorry about the allergies. Poor poor dear!!!