Saturday, December 26, 2009

And just like that, it's over...

Is it just me or did Christmas come FAST this year? Jack has asked at least four times where the Christmas presents are, it's all we did yesterday, can you blame him? He looked pretty bummed out when I told him Christmas was all done. We had such a nice morning as a family, then had breakfast with our neighbors where I proceeded to talk about allergies far too much. Questions always arrise when Jack can't eat in a social situation which is almost every social situation. The food was delicious though, there and later at my parents. Nice holiday splurging and all without any accidental exposure to Jack!

Made out like a bandit yesterday. Justin gave me a roomba! I am so excited, cleaning floors is always the last to get to...I'm really good at the picking up and putting away so now my new little friend can do the cleaning for me at night! Every time I see it though I think of the SNL ad for the Woomba (aka - the little robot that cleans your noonie)...I'm sure that won't last forever, in the meantime it gives me a giggle. Came home with a Sephora gift card from my sis (we did a secret Santa thing this year) and cash from the parents. Woohoo! And Jack and Harvey have enough new toys to last til their birthdays in the summer.

The new year is just around the corner and this year I have RESOLUTIONS !! I have never been serious about this kind of thing but the timing is perfect because I've had some changes that I've been wanting to make and now's the time to buckle down. Caffeine and gluten out, I'll be blogging more later about why. And bone broths, fermented veggies, and lots more raw are IN. Should be getting results from Jack's blood draw on Monday soon. That could be putting some new healing methods into action as well.

All in all I am very excited about the New Year. I get very sentimental (and sad) over the things that I cannot change. My heart aches when I see other children eating whatever they'd like and their parents able to feed them without thought. It's easy to crave that grass that looks so much greener. I am so very grateful though for the progress we're making, for the changes I see in Jack, and for the health and awareness that he has brought to our family.

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