Saturday, January 16, 2010

Grains shmains...

So, in recent posts I'd been blathering about baking and getting all allergen free Paula Dean (if that isn't an oxymoron...), so excited to see Jack eat muffins and pancakes! Well, about three days into that he went from "happy Jack" to "can't build a block tower without losing his shiz Jack". At first I wasn't sure if it might be the vitamins we were giving him but he was acting glutened so I just cut out all grains other than rice and a couple days later Mr. Cool returned. So very thankful to have him back but bummed that something like tapioca starch or arrowroot flour can give his poor little body such a beating. Reintroducing buckwheat today since that seemed to agree with him fine before the others were thrown into the mix. Going to keep it steady at rice and buckwheat for a good while. I am in noooo rush to trial that business again any time soon.

Had an awesome week with Justin home! He is starting a new job next week and even travelling next weekend with the new company, I am both jealous and excited for him! We packed in The Wild Animal Park and SeaWorld this week. Had a great time with good friends at the WAP. Harvey is now wanting to WALK on his own at these places and I am starting to let him. Serious workout. SeaWorld was pretty chill when we went so he was able to zip around without tripping anyone. Jack went on an Elmo airplane RIDE for the first time in SW's Bay of Play. I was so proud of him! And he approached and took a picture with a massive Elmo character dude too...just growing up.

I'm single parenting tonight and typing while the boys eat. Operation bedtime starts at 7pm. Long bath, stories, and snuggling. This nap photo displays their style. :)

AND... Cute videos of us dog walking at Grossmont Center. Don't worry....the puppy is fine. :)

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