Friday, March 19, 2010

Fermented Veggies

For my birthday I've asked for a fermenting crock and I'm already excited. Three weeks til my birthday and four to six weeks of fermenting and I'll be able to update on the results! Benefits of fermented veggies are endless. Our modern diet fails to provide some of these benefits as the fermented foods that we do eat are refined and no longer contain dietary and medicinal diegestive enzymes. I'll probably start with a basic cabbage sauerkraut as cabbage is a non dairy form of lactic acid and is high in vitamin C and contains vitamin A. Once I get good at that I may try to get fancy and make kimchi!

Kids are being especially cute this morning....sharing and taking turns without my having to ref! Jack has recently become scared of "scary ones" in movies. We were watching The Princess and the Frog and he was getting all scared so I told him that the scary one was naughty and would get a time out and then be a good boy. TOTALLY WORKED! Sometimes I'm a genius.

We found a preschool for Jack and he'll be starting in the fall. It's a great little in home one and I think their part time program is going to be perfect for him. He has been initiating conversations with other children lately which is huge for him and not only is it strengthening friendships it is also growing his confidence and that has been magical to watch. His questions are hilarious sometimes. He and his buddy Chase were eating lunch together on Monday and he turned to Chase and said "Do you like to chew it Chase? And swallow it into your stomach?" and Chase was like "Yeah!". Kids are awesome.

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