Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Basic Pasta

Last night's dinner was simple and successful. For lots of reasons.

1) We all ate the same thing.
2) I could see in Jack' face that he was thrilled about it.
3) Everyone liked it, Jack asked for seconds and when I dished up his seconds he asked for the serving to be bigger.
4) He asked for it again this morning. (and I happily gave it to him)
5) It was all organic!

1 lb organic grass fed ground beef sauteed, 20 ounce jar organic tomato sauce added. 8 ounces organic brown rice penne cooked al dente and stirred into sauce mixture.

Paired it with a green salad and had watermelon for dessert! Next time I'm going to add some pureed steamed carrots and squash to the sauce.

After the kiddos went to bed we stayed up to eat chocolate covered almonds and watch tv - trust me, we deserve it.

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