Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A plea!

Well, either the boys are having simultaneous "brain spurts" or the fish balls...er, uh...cod liver oil supplements are having a positive impact on them! They are both advancing in langauge and responding well behaviorally so we will definitely keep up with them!

I read this morning that babies are born with increased gut permeability (leaky gut). Why I've never heard this before is beyond me. The purpose for this is that their guts will allow immunities into the blood stream via mom's milk which makes perfect natural sense. HOWEVER, this single handedly explains to me why allergies are on the rise. See, in a perfect natural world the food mothers eat would be free of genetic modification, pesticides, pollution, dyes, nitrates, preservatives, flavor enhancers, and other chemicals. So babies are being born absolutely bombarded by these immediately (whether breast or formula fed). Add to this western medications, vaccines, electromagnetic fields, flame retardants, chemical cleaning agents, our nasty "drinking" water, and you'll see that underdeveloped immune systems are not designed for this type of toxic overload. I believe we are ALL affected by this but for those who are more sensitive it's not merely a stomach ache, lethargy, or a pimple, it's autism, ADD, PDD, allergies, alzheimers, auto immune disorders, cancers, etc!

I have and will continue to look at Jack's allergies as a gift. It has made our family more healthy and aware and my hope is that as this rises in our culture that those of us who have worked so hard to make the changes necessary for HEALING will be heard. The public deserves to know that this will affect them eventually and they deserve to know that there are reasons for it and ways to escape it !!! These are positive changes, not eccentric behavior, but NECESSARY action. I hope that children like Jack will grow into charismatic leaders whose stories will be influential because of their direct experience with this environmental indicator.

Hmmmm, perhaps the fish balls are helping my brain too! I just want to hug all the mamas out there who are spreading these kinds of messages. Our children are THE FUTURE, how can we ignore these rising numbers? Eat real food today !!! Thank you!

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