Thursday, April 1, 2010

At a crossroads..

Well, as you may have noticed in my previous post, we just discovered that Jack has toxic levels of heavy metals in his body. I suspected some toxicity, like the antimony for instance, because it's so heavy in our environment (flame retardants, etc) but the high levels of aluminum, copper, etc were a scary surprise. In addition to that it's usually assumed that if that kind of toxicity is present that mercury is hiding within the body as well. Great. As the reality of it sinks in the shock is wearing off. I already knew in my heart that Jack's body has trouble detoxifying and I know that our environment is full of toxins. One plus one equals two.

So now we're at a crossroads. There's chelation therapy which is the process of removing heavy metals from the body using a chelator (drugs). This scares me because as metals are mobilized they can move around and resettle which can reinjure. The other option that we're looking into is sequential homeopathy which detoxifies the body naturally while supporting the body's ability to recover. Perhaps not as tried and true a method (aka mainstream) but sounds a HECK OF A LOT safer and gentler. Both routes are costly (homeopathy more so) and take time.

So just as I was begining to feel that we had reached our balance, a new chapter is written. I'm suiting up and preparing for this leg of the journey and am excited for it's healthy ending.

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