Monday, April 26, 2010

Continued meal success and homeopathy

Meals have been extremely successful. Jack loves salmon, steak, roast chicken, sweet potato fries, bone broth rice and buckwheat noodles. He has come a long way from eating a hot dog every night. It's not as though he's never seen these foods, he's watched us eat them, and we've tried every method to get him to eat - reverse psychology, bribery, force feeding - nothing worked. The difference (I believe) is the healing of Jack's leaky gut. His discomfort is gone, he's hungry, food doesn't make him hurt, and his anxiety is gone. He's now eager to engage in what we're eating and excited about trying new things. You don't know how happy this makes me (SOOO HAPPY).

This same participation is of course present in other areas of our lives, he's becoming much more social and comfortable in his own skin. It blows my mind that leaky gut isn't recognized by mainstream medicine. Allergists don't test for IgG allergies and no doctor ever mentioned to me that Jack might benefit from any type of further testing or supplemention like digestive enzymes. Oh digestive enzymes how I love thee!

We are five days into sequential homeopathy. What you see in the photos of my last post are two dropper formulations that we give daily. One is to support Jack and the other is supporting kidney function, liver funtion etc. Stimulating detox pathways. The envelopes are our first two clearing packets. We completed the first which consisted of inserting a little wafer into Jack's mouth at bedtime for three nights. We cleared a round of antibiotics that he took after busting his chin open and developing a high fever. I'm pretty sure he picked up a nasty virus while in the waiting room of Children's Hospital for five hours with an open wound on his face. BUT, they didn't want to mess around because of staph infections and his fever was over 104. The next clear will be the chin injury itself (the chincident or Jaccident as we like to call it). We'll start that in a couple of weeks to give his body some recovery time between clears. Then we'll have another phone consult and they will ship us our next two clearing packets! I can't wait to clear strep throat which will be in the next round. I've read that speech can be stifled by strep. The only side affect of the antibiotic clear was a few night wakings which he never has normally. And last night he slept through the night so it only lasted on the days that the homeopathic remedy was administered.

We had a really nice weekend, beautiful weather and no obligations. Justin took Jack to Legoland and the beach on Saturday. Harvey took a long nap and I was able to relax a bit, at one point I thought "am I bored??" and then I mentally slapped myself. Last night we had some friends over, grilled and ate outside, I see a summer full of THAT, so nice!

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  1. I could live on sweet potato fries - that food all sounds so yummy!