Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Homeopathy Consultation

Had our initial consultation with Rudi Verspoor from the Hahnemann Clinic today. I couldn't have asked for a more calming and confident voice on the other end of the line. He went over all of Jack's information and explained to me how sequential homeopathy heals trauma to the body's life energy. I love how the philosophy of homeopathy shifts my focus from symptoms and back to causes at an even deeper level. Even Jack's allergies are a symptom of an immune system that has been sensitized. Genetics are considered but often times even genetic predispositions are triggered by our environment.

Rudi also explained that there can be more of a reason for heavy metal toxicity than just poor detoxification of the body. The body can create or hold on to specific metals for different reasons. For example, mercury keeps candida and yeast issues at bay in the body so sometimes the body will create mercury or hold on to exposed mercury to fight candida. Jack had yeast issues early on. I was able to connect it with wheat in my diet and once my breastmilk was free of wheat the yeast rash went away. But again, the rash was a symptom of yeast and the yeast was a symptom of something deeper so as we unlayer the traumas to Jack's system we'll be able to reveal and remedy the issues that surface. I've also read that a lot of children who are going through chelation will have yeast issues errupt in the process. Rudi said that often times people will chelate (key-late)and the metals will reaccumulate so it's important to address why the body is holding onto the metals in lieu of pushing them out of the body. This line of thinking is really sitting well with me and confirms our decision not to chelate Jack.

He's happy with where we are with supplementation which I can thank our naturopathic doctor for. He's working on our remedies now and will send them in the mail. We'll be receiving a daily remedy that will support Jack through the process, it's tailored to Jack's constitution, also a dropper that will support kidney function, liver function etc, as well as our first two specific trauma remedies! I can't wait to get started and to be able to document and share our results. Each specific trauma clearing remedy can present symptoms that last two hours to two days but when the symptoms clear so does the trauma!

I hope that this made some sense to anyone reading about sequential homeopathy for the first time, I want to do it justice. If I lost you please stay with me, I'm sure I'll have more explaining later with examples. And I'm happy to answer questions.

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  1. So so soooooo excited to hear how this goes for you & Jack. I'm anxious to hear how his approach differs from HCH. Sending you guys good energy vibes. :)