Thursday, April 8, 2010

IgE Results

The fact that this t-shirt exists should make me feel better, maybe it will. Maybe we should buy it.

Had Jack skin prick tested for IgE allergies today. His most severe allergy is peanut. The wheal size for peanut a little less than a year ago was 24/70. Well, the good news is that it came down to 20/30. This is still quite large and we still need an epipen handy. The crap news is that his egg and milk allergies both doubled in size and are now as large as peanut. Milk is 18/35 and egg is now 20/40 which is actually larger than peanut. Not sure how to feel about this. Defeated, disappointed, even a little depressed.

Other interesting news is that corn came back negetive, soy was still the same positive result. Almond came back positive this time whereas it was negetive last time and the opposite is true for cashew so she thinks they got mixed up last time. We avoid all nuts anyways so it doesn't really matter. I will not be feeding Jack corn any time soon, maybe when we see more signs of a more balanced immune system.

IgG results come in next week. If we don't see improvement there I will probably need medication.

It's my 30th birthday today....we're sick and I'm now realizing that an allergy appointment on my birthday was a stupid idea. Focusing on the positive though, I had a nice morning with Justin, Jack is doing great even with a virus, and with all these little earthquakes happening here I really am grateful we're all safe! Yesterday my beautiful aunt Jodie came by and brought me more wonderful things to plant in my garden, an apple pie (breakfast this morning!), and a bottle of Bohemian Merlot which I'm saving for the weekend. Justin's gift to me is a solo shopping trip this weekend, ahhhh! Perspective really is everything and I love my beautiful family, allergies and all. Now that I've documented (vented) our results I do plan on having a great birthday. Might even sneak out for a massage this afternoon!

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