Tuesday, April 6, 2010

'O Canada'

We decided to move forward with Sequential Homeopathy! Through lots of exploring we discovered the Hahnemann Clinic for Heilkunst in Ontario Canada.


Sequential Homeopathy, Sequential Therapy, Sequential Treatment

These terms refer essentially to the treatment of specific shocks and traumas (mainly drugs, vaccines, surgeries, but also emotional traumas) in a person's life using energetic (often called "homeopathic") remedies. The traumas are identified by creating a "timeline" and then are treated in the reverse order (backwards from the present, to birth/conception and into the inherited predispositions).

Sequential treatment (or ST, as it is often referred to) was first developed by Dr. J.F. Elmiger MD of Switzerland, and was brought to North America and the homeopathic community and developed further in the early 1990's, by Patty Smith and Rudi Verspoor of the Hahnemann College and Clinic for Heilkunst.

ST is only part, as is homeopathy, of the full medical system developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann some 200 years ago. The full potential for cure is realized only when all aspects of health, as laid out by Dr. Hahnemann, are taken into consideration and applied in every case on an individual basis.

The Hahnemann College for Heilkunst is the only school in the world to teach Dr. Hahnemann's complete medical system, including the use of ST and homeopathy, plus much else to prepare professionals to deal effectively, consistently and successfully with chronic, complex cases.

We have our first appointment (by phone) with Rudi Verspoor next Wednesday. We are going to retest Jack this Thursday for his IgE allergies and retested him last week for his IgG allergies. We'll get the IgE results immediately, the IgG resuls will be in soon. Looking forward to see some pogress in those areas. I don't expect to see a big change in his peanut allergy but would be thilled to see a change in dairy, egg, soy, and corn. Just an indication that he's begining to outgrow (heal) would give me wings! The IgG results (all the intolerances) will give us an indication of whether or not his gut is healed/healing.

The clinic was thrilled when I told them that Jack has never had a vaccine which was so refreshing. That said, there are many things in Jack's history to "timeline". Two rounds of antibiotics, antifungals (from wheat exposure), benadryl, tylenol, motrin, stitches from busting his chin, chemical and heavy metal exposure, etc. To say I'm excited about this treatment would be lack luster. I am ready to begin, ready to dedicate, ready to learn and grow and watch Jack flourish even more!


  1. Good for you! I'm anxious to hear about your experience with them. I haven't heard how their treatment differs (if it does) from the treatment and HCH (in Houston). Please keep me posted!! Take care! Joanna
    PS Still can't believe the anniv coincidence. :)

  2. I know, too crazy!! Don't worry, I'll be posting all the details of our consult on Wed. I'm hoping for a really uplifting experience, I need insight. I feel like no one gives me ANSWERS ya know!? I know you know. TY for the support Joanna! :)