Monday, May 3, 2010

All about Harvey

Today it's all about our Harvster; where he's at, what he's into, and how important he is to this family! Harvey is many things. He's an artist, a comedian, a social butterfly. He loves intensely but is flexible in nature. When Justin has to leave for work Harvey clings to him saying "no no no" and when he hears the garage open in the evening it's "daddy's home!!". He is putting three words together at a time now. He loves reading books, using his tools to fix things around the house, anything relating to Woody from Toy Story, and the guitar. He's also a big fan of bubbles, baths, playing with the hose, and other toddler must haves.

Harvey rarely gets sick and is a great eater. He doesn't like meat but will eat almost any veggie, likes salad, anything with FLAVOR (like his mama). He's still a sucker for (and of) the boob. Still wakes in the night but enjoys going down for a nap and ALWAYS wakes up refreshed and happy. He's taken to wearing sunglasses and a hat when we're out and about, a real "cool dude".

Worships older brother and is a great playmate. He stands up for himself definitely and has the physical strength of ten men but is so verbal that we can talk through things easily. Meltdowns are RARE and a sign of nap deficiency. I love our little conversations, his gorgeous smile, soft hair, blue eyes, and giggles. We often have to remind ourselves that he's only 21 months old, he seems so much older and we barely remember life before him. We love you Harvey David.

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  1. I almost cried. Precious. He looks so much like you!!!