Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Homeopathy and ATTITUDE Update

Had an appointment with Rudi today. The symptoms Jack has been experiencing all fit within the realm of what is to be expected. The behaviors (anxiety, sound sensitivity) emerging are a result of the unlayering process and his occasional gastro symptoms are a sign of healing believe it or not. Rudi's explanation was that the body heals through inflamation. (you're thinking EHH?) Inflamation is part of the natural healing process so as the homeopathic remedies stimulate a healing response within the body the actual physical healing process occurs, inflamation and all. Not sounding so "out there" right?

As we continue to work through Jack's timeline, the behaviors and other underlying issues that are revealed will heal as the causes of the symptoms are treated and removed. Shifting my attitude (once again) to embrace the rough patches that come with healing. Perspective is everything. There have been times I've thought to myself "couldn't he just have allergies or just have delays....did he have to get stuck with BOTH??" but then I dig a little deeper and accept that had Jack been born without legs or something I'd probably be thinking "if only he had LEGS, if he could walk and run like other kids I could deal with everything else". And that's just it, I CAN deal with everything else, I can and will and will be thankful along the way.

---I'm thankful for Jack's anxiety because I will never take a future anxiety free outing for granted and I'm thankful for Jack's sound sensitivity because someday when he's a teenager and he's blasting the latest crazy kid music in his room I'll smile and thank God for the moment. Would I like to fast forward six months and see where we're at? SURE! But instead I'm going to live and breathe each moment of each day knowing that there are lessons to be learned, perspectives to be gained, and babies to kiss!---

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  1. I hear you! Very interesting regarding the inflammation. I've been soooo stressed regarding Drew's inflammation markers but HOPEFULLY that is his body trying to heal. I think we do have some other issues that have been provoked via homeopathy (strep perhaps in kidneys) which are making me a bit concerned. There will be rough patches! So far, the other side of the rough patches have been GREAT! I'm just hoping we can get through this huge rough patch we've been in for sometime now. From my understanding, it is very common to see some old "symptoms" occur during the hang in there!!!