Thursday, May 20, 2010

La de da de de, la de da de da

It's been a while. Lots of fun language happening here, the new favorite word is sure. "He sure can", "we sure did", "I sure do". Need to blog this stuff! Need to sleep. Need to do something about my hair. Need to teach Jack to wipe his own hiney. Much like the beat, the list goes on. En route to speech therapy this morning I jammed through a yellow light (one of those - it's safer to speed up than slam on the brakes situations) and got schooled by my little jack seat driver "Yellow means SLOW DOWN". Ah, yes. He's a stickler this one, plays by THE RULES (unless the rules are taking turns with Candy Land). Can we say future Hall Monitor? Uh huh.

We came home and Jack wanted a juice box (sort of a treat around here) so I used that moment to bribe (yeah yeah, shoot me) him into clipping his Freddie Cruger fingernails. I've tried telling him that teeny tiny germs live under there and that long nails are "sooo 90's" but he still never cooperates. Bribing it is. But as I was clipping away he started giggling "he likes to eat fingernails, ooh he liked that big one".....ah, he thinks the nail clipper is a little fingernail eating creature, this should help in the future. I can see it now (hopefully) "The fingernail dude is really hungry Jack, can he eat your fingernails?". Uh huh.

Found brown rice tortillas at Trader Joes and they are awesome. I tried them back in the day when I was nursing Jack and on an elimination diet and they were terrible....looked like, functioned like, and tasted like a thin round piece of cardboard. The gluten free world is really improving, a sad sign of mass food intolerance/allergy but a needed evolution for our lives. I made a hash from diced potato, grass fed beef, onions and garlic and included some avocado and pico de gallo and voila - BURRITO NIGHT. Very exciting for us Skinners. UH HUH!

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  1. Oh my goodness. one of your funniest blogs yet! The burrito sounds delicious!!! And NOWWWWW you have that song stuck in my head. Thanks.