Thursday, May 13, 2010

Still cool..

All's well here! The only behavior that has lingered from the allergen episode is that Jack still seems a little anxious and "noise sensitive". I'm starting to wonder if it's related to him being ready for his next set of specific trauma remedies on his timeline. Strep is coming up and strep is supposed to be a big one! Also, I think we can expect to see some "old behaviors" emerge as we unlayer homeopathically. We started his second clear just last night, clearing the chinjury. He had a great week of speech therapy.

Justin and I were able to go (by OURSELVES) to a wedding this weekend - thanks parents! It was so nice and reminded us that we absolutely need to start getting out on our own more often. So fun to catch up with our friends and enjoy some food and conversation that didn't revolve around the kids.

Meals have been going well !! Jack still doesn't want to try everything but I think over time we'll wear him down. He still loves salmon and Harvey eats almost as much veg as I do! Here are a couple recent plates....I just love beautiful colorful food.

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