Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vaccination and Immunity

I have long intended to write about our stance on immunization. The controversy doesn't make me hesitant but the complexity of the topic deserves a well thought out and simplified presentation (which my sleep deprived brain will probably fail to produce). It's a personal choice and what I'd like to explain are the reasons we believe that not vaccinating is healthy for our family.

The standard reason for vaccinating is avoidance of disease, to create immunity within an individual and society (the herd). Disease is natural, vaccines are not. When disease occurs naturally it is recognized and remembered by the immune system but when you administer a vaccine you need more than one dose and even then you aren't guaranteed immunity. Not many adults I know have had their booster shots (other than the flu) since childhood. I'm sure if checked you would find that a majority of adults are no longer immune to those diseases they were vaccinated for as children. In fact, because the vaccine schedule has changed so dramatically, many adults were never vaccinated for the diseases and conditions that children are now. Yet all the frenzy lies in the vaccination status of our kids, not the stronger portion of the herd (the adults). For those reasons alone, I don't feel our herd is as immunized as it claims to be. We don't expect the herd to protect us. We see vaccines as a violation of natural law and a disservice to the body.

I believe the diseases we vaccinate for were on the decline prior to the introduction of the vaccines in the 1950's and 1960's. I won't get conspiracy theorist on you and go into financial details but wouldn't it be convenient to introduce a multi-million dollar vaccine just as evidence is showing that the disease has erradicated itself? And we have to consider diseases like Scarlet Fever and Tuberculosis which had mortality rates similar to the rest and declined like the rest without a vaccine. My intention isn't to blast or place blame on our medical community, government, or even the pharmaceutical industry. I understand why they operate this way and understand that vaccines will always exist but the connection between these powers doesn't sit right with me.

The CDC immunization schedule seems like too many too soon. At eight weeks of age I was only begining to understand how sensitive my baby was. I'm thankful every day that I refused their advice. My dad deserves the credit for that because he followed the same instinct and decided not to vaccinate me. Although when I was born I think that there were 10 vaccines on the schedule whereas now there are 35 by age 6, not including influenza shots. Also on the rise are allergies, autoimmune disorders, neurological disorders, and behavioral issues. I'll never know how vaccines would have affected Jack but I am certain that today's one-size-fits-all protocol would not have fit Jack.

Our environment is contributing in a very big way to what is happening with our children but I think vaccines are part of that environmental injury. Vaccines include microbes, chemicals, antibiotics, heavy metals, and animal byproducts. By nature we are not designed to acquire diseases (whether live virus or not) this way, especially at eight weeks of age when our immune systems are far from mature. So for these reasons (and more) we are confident with our decision. We also don't use tylenol (google "tylenol glutathione"), motrin, or antibiotics unless life threatening circumstances occur. We've shifted our thinking from treating symptoms to treating cause. Our best guard is a strong immune system which we work to support every day with a healthy diet, exercise, and rest. We have educated ourselves on natural remedies and care for infectious diseases should we need them. We're not afraid and are healthier and more balanced for it.


  1. THANK You!!!! Well PUT!!! I am not a mother yet but cannot wait to NOT VACCINATE my children! Bravo for putting into words what others struggle to say!

  2. I love this. Well put.

    My husband and I are re-visiting the vaccination debate because our son was recently diagnosed with a genetic immune disorder and our immunologist said that we need to fully vaccinate him. Ack!

    Keep up the good work!