Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life lessons

Don't ignore pain. It's your body trying to tell you something. This is me fresh off two days of not being able to walk. A real drag when you're in my shoes (pun intended). I've learned this lesson before, haven't we all? But us moms tend to put ourselves on the back burner despite knowing that we're of no use to anyone if we aren't alive and well. I've been having some pain in my right foot after long days of extra activity but it would feel better in the morning and I knew the bunion was the source. I've stayed away from the temptation of glamorous shoes but that was not enough. So I've invested in some preventative gear, a new supplement with bone and joint support, and most importantly have been taking the time to rest my weary dogs.

But this is more than a lesson in bunions. While sitting in the dentist chair this morning I vowed (in my head) to start fulfilling some of my ambitions for myself. Not in respect to physical appearance (though that could use some tlc) but more in the way of doing things for myself that are healthy for my body, that make me feel good, and will help preserve my vitality. The old oxygen mask analogy. Eating raw, doing yoga, getting more sleep.

Sequential homeopathy has been doing wonders for my psyche. I have been letting go of guilt, regrets, and worry. I'm witnessing changes in Jack that lift my spirit and give me peace that I don't expect anyone else to understand. My view on "the way things are done" has shifted and I have even more confidence in my intuition. I declined getting x-rays at the dentist, I had them done a year and a half ago, I don't have any cavities or pain or concerns. So why? I understand the importance of medical intervention but only when necessary. Routine proceedures aren't safe just because they're routine.

If you've never heard the canary in the coal mine analogy given in regard to our children I think it's worth noting. The conditions that children are now plagued with (ADD, asthma, allergies, autism, developmental delays, PDD, etc) are signs of an environment and a system of "the way things are done" that is not working! Our hypersensitive kiddos are acting as early warning signs in the same way canaries warned coal miners of polluted air in the mines. The cycle has to break with us parents advocating for our children (and ourselves before we grow and birth these babies) and questioning what is truly necessary. Children are suffering and showing signs of toxicity. What do the statistics have to look like before our food, medicine, and environment get the tlc THEY need?

All this to say that I've (re)learned a valuable lesson. And isn't that what life is made up of, learning and growing and teaching those lessons to others? Just as I ignored the pain in my foot our society is ignoring tragic injuries to our children. My hope is that small voices like mine (and SO many other parents unfortunately) will be heard and our children's cries for help will be listened to so that our society can prop them up, recover them, and heal millions more through prevention.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Quote

"“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” ~ Krishnamurti"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

IEP, Homeopathy, & Stuff

Where to begin!? Yesterday morning I picked Jack up from speech therapy and asked his therapist if we could discuss our plans for next year. She had previously (in the thick of all his last healing reactions) mentioned that we may be able to adjust his IEP and possibly qualify for more help through the regional center. Yesterday the report was that Jack was going to do great in preschool and wouldn't need to be pulled from there to attend his preschool language group. We're going to leave his IEP open so that should he need services we can jump back in. I asked her if we should chalk up our last discussion to a "bad day" and she agreed. So two more weeks of preschool language group and Jack will graduate from that chapter of his little life!

Healing reactions have simmered down. Jack's still stripping down on occasion and has a stick (spear, bow, sword, gun) in hand quite often. When he takes his clothes off I'll ask "where are your clothes?" and he'll respond "I took them off" then I ask why and he says "because I just love to be naked!". Can't really argue with that. He of course understands that it's not always appropriate and I'm sure it will pass like it did before. I've learned that the family bed and Jack's two foot "bow" (aka massive stick from the backyard) do not mix well. Slip it away once he's sleeping you say?? Yeah, I tried that. He woke up looking for it and scolding me for taking it away.

Spoke with Rudi yesterday. Because things are going so well with Jack we have decided to start sequential homeopathy for Harvey as well. His timeline is very short but once we get through it and his birth we'll be clearing what they call "miasms" or inherited conditions. Rudi explained that children are born with such large inherited loads now because of the rise in drug use etc. Harvey has a little eczema and his sleep isn't great. We feel it's important to balance his body now even though he doesn't have many "issues". Jack's next remedies are for an x-ray and some more drugs (antibiotic that I took while nursing him) and hydrocortisone cream and antifungal cream that were used to (try to) clear up body rashes that we later realized were due to my eating wheat and egg. We're moving quickly toward his birth, very exciting!

As for the really really good stuff - Jack is just doing amazingly well. I took the boys to SeaWorld this morning and he stuck by me the whole time, followed directions, enjoyed everything. When we arrived I said "Let's get out and go meet Molly" (friend we met there) and he said "Molly? Molly sounds like Wall-E" and delighted in his joke. While checking out the tree frogs he noticed a yellow and black striped one and observed "this frog looks like a bee". We walked through one of the shops there and he picked out a pair of toy binoculars so I gave him cash and he took it to the counter and paid for them himself, conversing with the cashier! A real MOMENT for me I gotta tell ya. While walking around I noticed Jack picking up random things and putting them in his pockets. When we got home we emptied the pockets to examine his treasures. Leaf, flower, green tissue paper, penny, stick, rock, and a pink hair clip (eww). Oh he had a blast!

Jack is also anxiously awaiting the arrival of his new "pack pack" which we ordered on the "cormputer". It has a jouster on it!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MB 12

Just started Jack on the revitaPOP . He is in heaven! And found an organic dye free preservative free corn syrup free lolli pop for Harvey to have so he doesn't get left out!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Further along in our time machine!

I previously blogged about healing reactions and how they are affecting Jack (and us!). I wrote about past behaviors returning briefly and how this is a sign that his body is healing. The sequential homeopathy is doing exactly as would be expected. Or not. I mean, I can't say that I honestly expected legitimate and obvious old behaviors to recur. But I'm really glad that they are, it is so reassuring and again, FASCINATING, to see unfold.

At about 18 months old Jack went through a year and a half long period of needing to hold an object (it changed every couple of months - toothbrush, stick, plastic straw, small American flag, etcetera) in his hand at ALL times. Most of you who know us remember the toothbrush phase. We got daily comments of "future dentist" and "he must have the cleanest teeth". Ha! Trust me, the toothbrush was not an indication that he was down with dental hygiene. Jokes and stares aside, I didn't mind because it seemed to be a comfort thing for him and probably filled some type of sensory need.

This behavior dropped off about a year ago and while I certainly hadn't forgotten it I definitely didn't consider it's relation to homeopathy. Naked Jack started wearing clothes again this weekend but Saturday he found a stick in the backyard and held it all day and fell asleep with it in his hand. In the morning he continued. We went to Lake Poway and played there Sunday morning and Jack found a better stick so he swapped out and held it all day and fell asleep with it again. This morning he came downstairs "where's my stick!!?". It's official, he's reliving his need. That said, he is using it creatively as a bow and arrow or gun (hmph) or whatever which isn't something he did in the past with said objects. Not sure how long it will last and I dont really mind, how ever long he needs is fine with me. We start the next remedy late this week so maybe it will pass once that sets in. The object holding was relly the first of Jack's "quirkies" other than climbing furniture before he could walk! Then again, maybe my memory (what's left of it) will get jogged again as we move through his timeline. Here are a few pictures, two are at age 20 months or so and the last is from yesterday (age four in August).

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blast from the past - healing reactions

This is all going to sound pretty "out there". Skeptics beware.

With Sequential Homeopathy, as you move backward through your timeline, the healing reactions you experience are oftentimes relevant to the most recent remedy. For instance - if you were taking a remedy to clear a traumatic flu on your timeline then it's possible that you'll experience fever, if you were taking a remedy to clear a traumatic death in the family it's possible that you will be overcome with sadness and grieve that loss, or if you were taking a remedy to clear a chicken pox vaccination you may break out with a few pox. In addition to this it's common for children to regress into old behaviors (temporarily) during the process.

We've been noticing lots of reactions/regressions. Some reactions have been minor but (I believe) related. Jack started talking in his sleep and describing dreams to me when he wakes up. With the start of this last remedy (which is a big one) he developed a monster thirst --understatement-- and was asking for one drink right after another. I imagine this is due to cleansing. He also became very physically affectionate, moreso than usual, requesting "can I cozy on the couch wif you mama?" at least ten times a day. He has been putting small objects in his mouth and stripping down to his birthday suit all of a sudden and if you know us well than you know that "naked Jack" spent the better part of 2009 in the buff. Within the last week he started reaching his hand down my and Justin's shirts for some nipple time, a behavior we haven't really seen (especially Justin) in a year or so. I'm just finding all of this so fascinating.

Unrelated to homeopathy (if anything is anymore), we had a great weekend. We went to the zoo with my parents on Saturday, the photo above is Jack and his beloved grandpa. Sunday morning Justin and I left the boys with a sitter and went to breakfast which was just plain lovely. We also rearranged our bedtime routine and the boys are falling asleep earlier despite it being sunny til 8pm which in itself is something to celebrate.

Jack had a not so great day at school this morning. I was told he was asking to go home. This led to a chat with the teacher about our plans for next year and Jack's transition into preschool. I told her that I feel like we're in limbo since he doesn't qualify for the developmental preschools but isn't going to fit right in at his mainstream preschool either so she is going to see if there's any other assistance we can qualify for. I'm not sure if that was based on his "past Jack" like behavior today or just because I was asking but we'll take whatever we can get. Jack's biggest hurdle right now is social language and interraction, we'll do anything we can to facilitate that.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Knock on wood

Anxiety. is. gone.

(cut to me doing "the sprinkler" on the imaginary dance floor in my head)

We had an action packed weekend with no issues so I'm hoping we're over the hump of inflamatory healing from the last remedies. New ones due to arrive today and we'll see what those bring. Stay tuned.

Saturday I had a girls morning of breakfast and a movie (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) and then we packed up the boys and headed to SeaWorld. We bought new passes (two years for the price of one!) and Harvey was old enough to really dig the Shamu show. We strategically avoided the psycho crowded playground and Jack mentioned it but didn't fixate or cry about not going (yay). Sunday we (and everyone else in SD) went to Legoland with Justin's sister and her family. And Harvey was just tall enough (34") to go on the rides!! Very fun. Spent the rest of that afternoon out back with the baby pool and slip n slide. Harvey ran into the house wet and slipped (n slid) and split his lip but while it looked bad (and we were moaning and groaning about the possibility of having to go to Children's for a stitch or two) once he nursed a little and had some homeopathy the swelling came down and it looks fine. Yesterday (Memorial Day) we took the boys to Pump it Up which is a gymnasium full of bouncy houses and other inflatable slide/obstacle course type equipment. Jack LOVED it so clearly his sound sensitivity is ixnayed - it sounded like a jet engine in there. And this may sound HORRIBLE but that place was full of "weird kids". All kids are weird, all kids have issues, all parents are working their butts off and my hat goes off to all of us. The boys were doing great taking turns and sharing and having a good time so I'm really feeling that we're in a good place. Later we had an impromptu bbq with some favorite friends with kiddos around ours' age. What a great three days! I'm sad to see it end but excited for what this week will bring.

BRING IT ON. Just when thoughts of "this isn't worth it" start swirling we come out on the other side and my confidence returns. So bring on the next remedies, I'm ready to move one step back again because the two steps forward that follow are definitely WORTH it. Plus Target has underwear on sale for $2 today!