Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blast from the past - healing reactions

This is all going to sound pretty "out there". Skeptics beware.

With Sequential Homeopathy, as you move backward through your timeline, the healing reactions you experience are oftentimes relevant to the most recent remedy. For instance - if you were taking a remedy to clear a traumatic flu on your timeline then it's possible that you'll experience fever, if you were taking a remedy to clear a traumatic death in the family it's possible that you will be overcome with sadness and grieve that loss, or if you were taking a remedy to clear a chicken pox vaccination you may break out with a few pox. In addition to this it's common for children to regress into old behaviors (temporarily) during the process.

We've been noticing lots of reactions/regressions. Some reactions have been minor but (I believe) related. Jack started talking in his sleep and describing dreams to me when he wakes up. With the start of this last remedy (which is a big one) he developed a monster thirst --understatement-- and was asking for one drink right after another. I imagine this is due to cleansing. He also became very physically affectionate, moreso than usual, requesting "can I cozy on the couch wif you mama?" at least ten times a day. He has been putting small objects in his mouth and stripping down to his birthday suit all of a sudden and if you know us well than you know that "naked Jack" spent the better part of 2009 in the buff. Within the last week he started reaching his hand down my and Justin's shirts for some nipple time, a behavior we haven't really seen (especially Justin) in a year or so. I'm just finding all of this so fascinating.

Unrelated to homeopathy (if anything is anymore), we had a great weekend. We went to the zoo with my parents on Saturday, the photo above is Jack and his beloved grandpa. Sunday morning Justin and I left the boys with a sitter and went to breakfast which was just plain lovely. We also rearranged our bedtime routine and the boys are falling asleep earlier despite it being sunny til 8pm which in itself is something to celebrate.

Jack had a not so great day at school this morning. I was told he was asking to go home. This led to a chat with the teacher about our plans for next year and Jack's transition into preschool. I told her that I feel like we're in limbo since he doesn't qualify for the developmental preschools but isn't going to fit right in at his mainstream preschool either so she is going to see if there's any other assistance we can qualify for. I'm not sure if that was based on his "past Jack" like behavior today or just because I was asking but we'll take whatever we can get. Jack's biggest hurdle right now is social language and interraction, we'll do anything we can to facilitate that.

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