Monday, June 14, 2010

Further along in our time machine!

I previously blogged about healing reactions and how they are affecting Jack (and us!). I wrote about past behaviors returning briefly and how this is a sign that his body is healing. The sequential homeopathy is doing exactly as would be expected. Or not. I mean, I can't say that I honestly expected legitimate and obvious old behaviors to recur. But I'm really glad that they are, it is so reassuring and again, FASCINATING, to see unfold.

At about 18 months old Jack went through a year and a half long period of needing to hold an object (it changed every couple of months - toothbrush, stick, plastic straw, small American flag, etcetera) in his hand at ALL times. Most of you who know us remember the toothbrush phase. We got daily comments of "future dentist" and "he must have the cleanest teeth". Ha! Trust me, the toothbrush was not an indication that he was down with dental hygiene. Jokes and stares aside, I didn't mind because it seemed to be a comfort thing for him and probably filled some type of sensory need.

This behavior dropped off about a year ago and while I certainly hadn't forgotten it I definitely didn't consider it's relation to homeopathy. Naked Jack started wearing clothes again this weekend but Saturday he found a stick in the backyard and held it all day and fell asleep with it in his hand. In the morning he continued. We went to Lake Poway and played there Sunday morning and Jack found a better stick so he swapped out and held it all day and fell asleep with it again. This morning he came downstairs "where's my stick!!?". It's official, he's reliving his need. That said, he is using it creatively as a bow and arrow or gun (hmph) or whatever which isn't something he did in the past with said objects. Not sure how long it will last and I dont really mind, how ever long he needs is fine with me. We start the next remedy late this week so maybe it will pass once that sets in. The object holding was relly the first of Jack's "quirkies" other than climbing furniture before he could walk! Then again, maybe my memory (what's left of it) will get jogged again as we move through his timeline. Here are a few pictures, two are at age 20 months or so and the last is from yesterday (age four in August).

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  1. OMG. That is crazy. The two pics of him holding the bottom two are just uncanny! He is definitely reliving those times! Can't wait to hear about what comes next. :)