Wednesday, June 23, 2010

IEP, Homeopathy, & Stuff

Where to begin!? Yesterday morning I picked Jack up from speech therapy and asked his therapist if we could discuss our plans for next year. She had previously (in the thick of all his last healing reactions) mentioned that we may be able to adjust his IEP and possibly qualify for more help through the regional center. Yesterday the report was that Jack was going to do great in preschool and wouldn't need to be pulled from there to attend his preschool language group. We're going to leave his IEP open so that should he need services we can jump back in. I asked her if we should chalk up our last discussion to a "bad day" and she agreed. So two more weeks of preschool language group and Jack will graduate from that chapter of his little life!

Healing reactions have simmered down. Jack's still stripping down on occasion and has a stick (spear, bow, sword, gun) in hand quite often. When he takes his clothes off I'll ask "where are your clothes?" and he'll respond "I took them off" then I ask why and he says "because I just love to be naked!". Can't really argue with that. He of course understands that it's not always appropriate and I'm sure it will pass like it did before. I've learned that the family bed and Jack's two foot "bow" (aka massive stick from the backyard) do not mix well. Slip it away once he's sleeping you say?? Yeah, I tried that. He woke up looking for it and scolding me for taking it away.

Spoke with Rudi yesterday. Because things are going so well with Jack we have decided to start sequential homeopathy for Harvey as well. His timeline is very short but once we get through it and his birth we'll be clearing what they call "miasms" or inherited conditions. Rudi explained that children are born with such large inherited loads now because of the rise in drug use etc. Harvey has a little eczema and his sleep isn't great. We feel it's important to balance his body now even though he doesn't have many "issues". Jack's next remedies are for an x-ray and some more drugs (antibiotic that I took while nursing him) and hydrocortisone cream and antifungal cream that were used to (try to) clear up body rashes that we later realized were due to my eating wheat and egg. We're moving quickly toward his birth, very exciting!

As for the really really good stuff - Jack is just doing amazingly well. I took the boys to SeaWorld this morning and he stuck by me the whole time, followed directions, enjoyed everything. When we arrived I said "Let's get out and go meet Molly" (friend we met there) and he said "Molly? Molly sounds like Wall-E" and delighted in his joke. While checking out the tree frogs he noticed a yellow and black striped one and observed "this frog looks like a bee". We walked through one of the shops there and he picked out a pair of toy binoculars so I gave him cash and he took it to the counter and paid for them himself, conversing with the cashier! A real MOMENT for me I gotta tell ya. While walking around I noticed Jack picking up random things and putting them in his pockets. When we got home we emptied the pockets to examine his treasures. Leaf, flower, green tissue paper, penny, stick, rock, and a pink hair clip (eww). Oh he had a blast!

Jack is also anxiously awaiting the arrival of his new "pack pack" which we ordered on the "cormputer". It has a jouster on it!

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