Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Knock on wood

Anxiety. is. gone.

(cut to me doing "the sprinkler" on the imaginary dance floor in my head)

We had an action packed weekend with no issues so I'm hoping we're over the hump of inflamatory healing from the last remedies. New ones due to arrive today and we'll see what those bring. Stay tuned.

Saturday I had a girls morning of breakfast and a movie (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) and then we packed up the boys and headed to SeaWorld. We bought new passes (two years for the price of one!) and Harvey was old enough to really dig the Shamu show. We strategically avoided the psycho crowded playground and Jack mentioned it but didn't fixate or cry about not going (yay). Sunday we (and everyone else in SD) went to Legoland with Justin's sister and her family. And Harvey was just tall enough (34") to go on the rides!! Very fun. Spent the rest of that afternoon out back with the baby pool and slip n slide. Harvey ran into the house wet and slipped (n slid) and split his lip but while it looked bad (and we were moaning and groaning about the possibility of having to go to Children's for a stitch or two) once he nursed a little and had some homeopathy the swelling came down and it looks fine. Yesterday (Memorial Day) we took the boys to Pump it Up which is a gymnasium full of bouncy houses and other inflatable slide/obstacle course type equipment. Jack LOVED it so clearly his sound sensitivity is ixnayed - it sounded like a jet engine in there. And this may sound HORRIBLE but that place was full of "weird kids". All kids are weird, all kids have issues, all parents are working their butts off and my hat goes off to all of us. The boys were doing great taking turns and sharing and having a good time so I'm really feeling that we're in a good place. Later we had an impromptu bbq with some favorite friends with kiddos around ours' age. What a great three days! I'm sad to see it end but excited for what this week will bring.

BRING IT ON. Just when thoughts of "this isn't worth it" start swirling we come out on the other side and my confidence returns. So bring on the next remedies, I'm ready to move one step back again because the two steps forward that follow are definitely WORTH it. Plus Target has underwear on sale for $2 today!

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