Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life lessons

Don't ignore pain. It's your body trying to tell you something. This is me fresh off two days of not being able to walk. A real drag when you're in my shoes (pun intended). I've learned this lesson before, haven't we all? But us moms tend to put ourselves on the back burner despite knowing that we're of no use to anyone if we aren't alive and well. I've been having some pain in my right foot after long days of extra activity but it would feel better in the morning and I knew the bunion was the source. I've stayed away from the temptation of glamorous shoes but that was not enough. So I've invested in some preventative gear, a new supplement with bone and joint support, and most importantly have been taking the time to rest my weary dogs.

But this is more than a lesson in bunions. While sitting in the dentist chair this morning I vowed (in my head) to start fulfilling some of my ambitions for myself. Not in respect to physical appearance (though that could use some tlc) but more in the way of doing things for myself that are healthy for my body, that make me feel good, and will help preserve my vitality. The old oxygen mask analogy. Eating raw, doing yoga, getting more sleep.

Sequential homeopathy has been doing wonders for my psyche. I have been letting go of guilt, regrets, and worry. I'm witnessing changes in Jack that lift my spirit and give me peace that I don't expect anyone else to understand. My view on "the way things are done" has shifted and I have even more confidence in my intuition. I declined getting x-rays at the dentist, I had them done a year and a half ago, I don't have any cavities or pain or concerns. So why? I understand the importance of medical intervention but only when necessary. Routine proceedures aren't safe just because they're routine.

If you've never heard the canary in the coal mine analogy given in regard to our children I think it's worth noting. The conditions that children are now plagued with (ADD, asthma, allergies, autism, developmental delays, PDD, etc) are signs of an environment and a system of "the way things are done" that is not working! Our hypersensitive kiddos are acting as early warning signs in the same way canaries warned coal miners of polluted air in the mines. The cycle has to break with us parents advocating for our children (and ourselves before we grow and birth these babies) and questioning what is truly necessary. Children are suffering and showing signs of toxicity. What do the statistics have to look like before our food, medicine, and environment get the tlc THEY need?

All this to say that I've (re)learned a valuable lesson. And isn't that what life is made up of, learning and growing and teaching those lessons to others? Just as I ignored the pain in my foot our society is ignoring tragic injuries to our children. My hope is that small voices like mine (and SO many other parents unfortunately) will be heard and our children's cries for help will be listened to so that our society can prop them up, recover them, and heal millions more through prevention.

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  1. I sooo agree with you that our sensitive children are the canaries in the coal mine. And I have a similar hope that all of our collective voices will be heard that will spark a HUGE change in the world.