Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back to reality!

Vacation was a huge success, a magical time. After an x-ray, an mri, and two podiatrists (one of which was wack-o) I was given some cortisone shots --"ahh Kelly Clarkson"-- and was able to travel pain free. A true gift of modern medicine and I was thankful every minute of it! There is a foreign body in my foot that still needs to be removed so surgery to remove the whatever it is will happen soon.

I feel like our visit to Idaho was an adrenaline fed whirlwind and while I tried to soak in the quiet early mornings with my grandparents and skipped bedtime for more visiting, I'm definitely left wanting more. I think though that I will always be left wanting more time with them. I hope we can go again soon. The kids were unbelievably good on the airplane and adjusted well to their new surroundings. I'm still impressed and gained a good sense of confidence in them...they are capable of travelling! I'm missing the pine trees, my homey home away from home, and my family.

Homeopathy was sporadic while there, I tried to keep up with their constitutional remedies but we skipped doses here and there. We're back to it now that we're home and started their next specific trauma remedies the day before yesterday. Harvey's is to clear tylenol/motrin which I gave him when we all had a stomach flu and Jack's is to clear mylanta/cortaid/antifungal cream/azithromycin. We are getting very close to both of their births, so exciting! The last set of specific trauma remedies brought a few days of rigidity for Jack but when that passed I felt a new sense of flexability in him. Flexible is not a word I've ever used to describe him. This is big...huge. We have no lingering behaviors either, the stick holding stopped, the object mouthing stopped, the sleep disturbances stopped. Only good things have remained. Another change worth documenting is that Jack willingly takes his remedies whereas I used to have to sneak them into his mouth after he fell asleep. Just before we left for our trip I noticed that Harvey's eczema was completely gone. It showed up again in a few places near the end of our trip though so I'm not sure if it's because of the missed doses of remedy or if it had to do with dietary changes.

There were mountains of opportunities for allergic reaction in Idaho and we sailed through without anything major happening. Jack did have a tummy issue the afternoon that we flew home but we don't know if he had an exposure on the plane that morning or if it was the close call we had with a piece of pirate booty the night before. I hope it was the booty because that would mean it took almost 24 hours for him to react and the reaction was mild. Unlikely but we'll never know either way. It may have even been a stress response from a full day of travelling. Jack is really so good at coping with his allergy restrictions, I'm so proud of him! The people around us on the plane called him "peanut" which brought back a flood of emotions as that's what we called him when he was a newborn. If that wasn't a loaded nickname!

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