Friday, July 30, 2010


Had an appointment yesterday with Rudi and am looking forward to our next set of remedies! We'll be adding a new daily dropper for each of the boys. One to address Harvey's aggression (you should see the bruise/cut on my upper lip - he hucked an iPod touch at my face!) and one for Jack's social anxiety. Really excited to make progress in those areas! I know I keep mentioning it but we're getting very close to the boys' births in their timelines. Once we get through the births and pregnancies we'll begin miasms (inherited conditions)!

We're finally planning (re-planning) a Disney trip! Between my foot issues and travelling we didn't do anything amazing for Harvey's birthday and haven't planned anything for Jack's. But Jack has been talking about his birthday and a party so I may need to throw something small together. And quick. The boys are easy, if we call it a party and their grandparents are there they'll be thrilled to pieces. This could be the perfect opportunity to showcase the sunflower seed butter buckwheat COOKIES I'm working on. And for a total change of subject, I found that a stainless steel baking sheet is about as "safe" as you get so I ordered one on amazon. Time to donate the old (and terribly neglected) non-stick ones!

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