Friday, July 23, 2010

Mouths of my babes

In honor of the amusing utterances that fly out of these sweet little faces and the nonsensical (but adorable) things they do, I'm going to start dedicating a blog post here and there to what comes from the mouths of my babes.

We brought home a couple pieces of my grandma's artwork from our trip and when I hung them I said "Jack, look what we brought back from Idaho" to which he responded "We needed to bring the fish!". I scratched my head and went back to what I was doing and then it dawned on me - the singing Big Mouth Billy Bass hanging on my grandparents bedroom wall. (grandma - don't. even. thinkaboutit.)

Harvey: Outside mama outside.
Me: No, it's too cold out right now.
Harvey: No told outside, HOT!
He slides a kitchen window open, makes a dramatic display of shivering, and runs to the other room. Already a pathetic San Diegan.

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