Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mouths of my babes

Snuggling with Harvey I cradled his face, kissed him, and said:

Me: My little Harvey baby!
H: No, Hardy BOY (points to his chest)
Me: Oh you're a big boy?
H: Hardy big boy!
Me: Okay, pretty soon there's going to be no more bubby (word for nursing). Big boys don't have bubby, babies have bubby. See Jack is a big boy, Jack doesn't have bubby!
H: No, Hardy baby.

After filling the boys with our new favorite buckwheat pancakes and getting them settled with a movie of their choice, Jack points to the grey/white striped tank I'm wearing and says:

Jack: Mommy looks like a so very fat zebra!!
Harvey: (points) Yeah! Zebra, fat!!

Sheesh! They're lucky I'm old enough to have good self esteem. Plus, really, I know they weren't "name calling" just making silly assessments...right?

In other "notable" news, Jack has been drawing things when coloring! Normally he just makes colorful swirls and lines but two days ago he drew a perfect egg shape and declared he drew an easter egg, yesterday he drew a rock! While these aren't complex or what most almost four year olds are probably creating it's a change and a beautiful sign of development for our kid !!

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