Monday, July 12, 2010

Stranded at a kitchen island...

And so I blog.

It's the foot again, obviously. (Im)patiently waiting for the podiatrist to call and let me know when I can crawl into their office. Must get foot fixed before travelling in THREE days! ---end pity party!

Big news - Harvey is two years old today !!! I know that I should be saying how I can hardly believe that he's two years old, my baby, but it is quite fitting. He's an old soul and two suits my little lover boy quite nicely. Happy Birthday Harvey!!! *sniff*

Thank you to everyone who called and emailed with messages of love and support from my last blog post. Not only does it make me so grateful for the people in our life but it reminds me that worrying about how Jack is perceived is futile. Jack is loved. Period. I can't wait to be with our family in Idaho. I hope to control my worry over how the boys will behave. I envision them in the best of moods, saying adorable things, and showing everyone what little gems they can be. BUT I more than anyone know how difficult they can be, how they fight over things, and how their language can come across as um....well, bratty. So be prepared, Idaho and those who await us there, that Harvey has a mild violent streak and will need a designated time out area in the house. And be forwarned, dear family, that if you give Jack a piggyback ride that he will ask (demand?) for another and if you don't respond to his questions he will ask ask and ask again until you do. We're working on all these things I assure you.

Most of these people witnessed little Juniper and from what I've been told, I was quite the handful myself. A boisterous (often naked), emotional, and daddy dependant little girl. So my two shouldn't be too shocking to their systems. *crosses fingers, toes (ouchie), etc*

I have so much more to add but mid-post the podiatrist called and I have to fill out paperwork and make an x-ray appointment before I see him. Here's hoping they can fix me up - Idaho just won't be the same if I can't wander the woods!!!

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