Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Jack loves preschool !!! I couldn't be happier for him! When I picked him up today his teacher said "I wanted to ask you, does Jack eat food off the floor?". I told her it really hasn't been an issue but that Jack has been growing more curious about food so it wouldn't surprise me. She said that the asst. teacher had stopped Jack from picking up food that one of the other kids had thrown on the floor. So, yes, that was likely the culprit. I told her that we would do more educating at home about safe and unsafe food. Jack can't possibly understand the complexity of his allergies or distinguish between a "safe" or "unsafe" cookie (except that the unsafe ones look WAY better!) but he can learn that it's only okay to eat his own food. And to some degree, why. Honestly, what deprived four year old (which he'll be tomorrow!!) wouldn't lunge at a thrown goldfish cracker or teddy graham?

So I went on and ordered the above children's book on food allergies. I was shocked at how few there were (mental note - write children's allergy book immediately!). Reviews were good, the bugs are cute, and hopefully it will help gear our dialogue. After school Jack told me that they read a book about feeding seeds to pigeons and that one of the girls hurt her lip but she's okay. I love that he's volunteering more information about his day, my interrogating was making me nauseous.

ETA: Last night Jack stood on the bed, pointed to the sky, and declared "In the morning, I go to preschool !!!". This morning I put Jack in his carseat and told him how proud of him I was and that he was doing a great job. We hugged and he said "Thank you mommy, thank you for the preschool" and then he patted my back and whispered "Oh honey" (a term I use for him). SO CUTE! Then he said "now please shut the door so we can go". LOL

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  1. Can you consider opening an allergy free preschool or writing a book about kids with allergies? Both can happen and I can help with book.