Tuesday, August 10, 2010



So, since last Monday's reaction we've had off and on bouts of funkiness. I'm starting to lean toward healing reaction because this is just way too reminiscent of the last time we had inflamatory healing. All Jack has been doing is pooping, hiccuping, and burping which is exactly what he was doing at this point in his timeline (aka - infancy). Really, I know it sounds insane and could be eleven other things but I'm going with "whatever".

Jack came home from preschool with a hive on his face that lasted most of the day. Either a) he came into contact with an allergen or b) it's a healing reaction, a sign that his histamine levels are doing something in response to homeopathy. For sanity's sake, survey says B.

If this kind of funkiness and hiveness keeps up we'll have to pull Jack from preschool before lunchtime, that is still a reality, I don't want to sound careless here. But an entire three day weekend without preschool was still reaction filled so I'm not ready to pin the tail on that donkey quite yet. Since allergen free preschools do not exist (wouldn't that be FANTASTIC?) Jack needs this to work out or else this blog is going to be all about homeschooling and raise your hand if that's something you'd be interested in reading.....(okay Dad and Kelly you can put your hands down now).

When I picked Jack up yesterday he said "that was SO MUCH fun" and told me about the craft project they did. He wasn't participating in the "everyone stand in a circle and dance to this song" activity that was happening when I picked him up though - which is why he needs this, to gain better social skills so that he can enjoy group fun. Fortunately his speech/language and behavior have been TOP NOTCH, it's only physical symptoms that we've been dealing with.

We started more specific trauma remedies and their new daily droppers last Thursday. We're making some sleep environment changes in the home (more on that later) and are going to be trialing some foods (more on that later too) so wish us luck!

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