Monday, September 20, 2010


I got four hours of sleep last night and still this is the best day ever.

I have a fevering puking four year old laying next to me and still this is the best day ever.

You see, over the years we've been able to easily "allergy test" Jack by applying a little dairy to his skin, hives appearing shortly after. I have just had this gut feeling for the past few weeks that Jack is healing in a tremendous way. Well, being that he has been lethargic on the couch all afternoon I capitalized on his immobility and applied some yogurt to his boiling bod. I sat, stroking his forehead, watching the minutes pass, and feeling oddly confident that he would have no reaction.

Guess what. HE HAD NO REACTION !!!

Many of you have witnessed him getting a hive from a kiss from someone or a dog who licked him or a finger that touched him. This for us IS HUGELY indicative of healing.

This doesn't mean he's no longer allergic but it sure means he is less allergic and I am elated. We haven't tried with egg yet, don't want to burst my bubble. Maybe once the stomach flu has made it's rounds.

Best. Day. Ever.


  1. what a great feeling! When I have a baby I am coming to you for all natural baby food recipes, I want to make my own baby food.

  2. OMG! THat is AMAZING! So very exciting!