Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sleepless in So. Cal.

With a week of sickness behind us, sleep looked to be on the horizon. That was until the mercury rose to nearly 110 degrees yesterday. Who can get comfortable in that heat? Not me. And as fate would have it, once I did achieve slumber, not Harvey either. So my mug doth overfloweth with coffee this morning.

I can confidently say that I just plain don't need as much sleep as I used to. Adaptation. I cringe at the complaints of former me. "I only got seven hours of sleep last night".....seven IN A ROW !! I'd be Michael Flatley Lord of the Dance-ing all day if I got seven hours straight one night.

Since becoming a mother also meant becoming an attachment parent (for me) I am continuing to follow the boys' cues. Jack moved into his own bed naturally and is sleeping wonderfully with an occasional visit (and half a night's stay) to our bed. For a kid who has anxiety I am very pleased with this. No wetting the bed, no crying in the night, happy to curl into blankets and nod off to never-never land. Bedtime is a bit of a circus at times but it's mostly because of the juggling.

I have goals in mind with Harvey and we're gradually reaching them. He's slowly accepting my touch and whisper as a soother between nursing and he mumbles words of gratitude and affection in this incoherent state. I'm tired, yes, but not exhausted. And there is no thing more delicious than witnessing, hearing, and feeling your little ones drift toward restoration securely sheltered in your loving embrace. I imagine it's pretty sweet for them too.

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