Thursday, October 28, 2010


With a couple days of perspective under our belts, Justin and I are feeling anew. Monday's evaluation was in no way the end all, be all. In one way or another we will always be evaluating and appreciating the progress of Jack (and Harvey for that matter). What the psychologist had to say felt like deja vu, feelings I had always had about Jack's persona. The onset of concerning symptoms, the exploration of their causes, and feelings of self doubt, they had their way with us. We've been given what feels like a fresh outlook, a fresh start.

The psychologist referred me to the writings of T. Berry Brazelton who, upon googling, I learned a bit about. A pediatrician since 1940 he is most known for his studies of neonatal behavior and child psychiatry. Titles of "how to get your child to sleep through the night", "the difference between boys and girls", etc had me feeling unenlightened but his take on what early behaviors reveal about a child's temperament and personality got my wheels turning. From very early on we knew Jack was sensitive and introspective. We were quite content to embrace the quirky - I happen to like quirks! But as time passed our sensitive babe became affected by his environment (food allergies, environmental allergies, toxins, heavy metals, medications) and he developed symptoms of those insults. When the word autism entered our lives so did the concern for his neurological health and our journey took a wide detour.

Over the last year we have witnessed all symptoms dissipate and, while it's been slow, as we look back on where we were and where we are now the change is dramatic. Removal of allergens, treatment of leaky gut, an organic diet, and use of supplements like fish oil and vitamins have aided in the growth and maturity of our little man. Homeopathy has already surpassed my expectations and we still have a ways to go. While we're still experiencing some anxiety and delays they are manageable, predictable, and IMPROVING. I know, on some kind of cosmic level, that Jack's immune system and allergies are healing as well.

This is an excerpt from an email Justin sent me this morning:

I also wanted to tell you that this morning driving into La Jolla I could see the ocean without clouds for the first time in about a month. The environment was suppressing the beauty. It was really beautiful, and reminded me of Jack. It's like he's always been such a beautiful little guy, but when the environmental suppressions are removed is when we really see him.

The observations of the Regional Center psychologist aren't rock solid determinations or revelations but they are evidence of what Jack has achieved. We have always fully embraced, accepted, and loved who Jack is but our vision of him had become suppressed by symptoms of duress and fear for the darkness it left us in. How pure and beautiful is the boy we see before us!!!

Get your quirk on!

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