Friday, November 5, 2010

Homeopathy Summary

We began Sequential Homeopathy in April of this year and are now officially finished going through Jack's timeline. Harvey's too! This meant that we gave homeopathic remedies for specific traumas from most recent all the way through birth and pregnancy. After our next consult we'll begin going through miasms. This will treat the inherited conditions that we're all born with (because they exist within the history of every family tree). I'm especially excited for this phase because allergies and anxiety are predispositions. And there are conditions in our family tree (like schizophrenia and depression) that we simply cannot predict. There have been studies that link schizophrenia with high histamine levels and heavy metal toxicity. Genetics always play a role and that's why treating miasms is so important for us. Soon I'll post a rundown of what the miasms are specifically.

From the start I have been jotting healing reactions and gains down on a calendar so I wanted to create a summary of it here so that I can look back on it if necessary. Will be long and snooze-worthy but I need the documentation.

Started daily remedies as well as the first specific trauma remedy which was for an antibiotic. Jack had disrupted sleep that night and the two nights following which was out of character for him. Seventeen days after starting Jack had severe diarrhea and the following day he had anxiety like I had never seen from him before. He was so sound sensitive that he was clamping his hands over his ears because of the sound of the car on the road.

Gave remedy for Jack's chin injury (stitches). On day eight and again on day eleven Jack had severe diarrhea and was very moody. By day sixteen his mood was better than ever and continued! He had a few days of talking a lot in his sleep and became very physically affectionate.

Gave remedy for antibiotics and strep throat. Jack immediately developed a monster thirst and got several pimples (detox signs?) He started stripping off his clothes like he did in the past and had a strange phlegmy cough in the night. Day eight he had terrible anxiety and was very oppositional in school which was uncharacteristic. The cough continued here and there but only in the night. Day twelve he found a stick and held tight to it for several days (and nights) which was a huge past behavior.
Gave remedy for benedryl and diflucan. Had broken sleep again and some obvious rigidity but had great language and otherwise great behavior. On day eight he carried his potty out to the backyard and pooped in it. Old behavior and VERY random (or not?). A lot of voodoo the month of June.

Gave remedy for an x-ray that Jack had and started Harvey on homeopathy giving him his first remedy for cortaid that I had used on his eczema. Around day eight Jack seemed disregulated and developed a bit of a feisty attitude.
Gave remedies for antibiotic that I took while breastfeeding for Jack and tylenol for Harvey. Two weeks later Harvey's eczema was GONE.

Gave remedies for circumcision for both boys. Gave remedies for mylicon, mylanta, and tylenol for Jack and oxygen for Harvey (he had the cord around his neck at birth and was pur-ple). Right around this time Jack began preschool and also developed "nervous hands". Language also took a leap and the boys played together amazingly. Jack was noticing things I wouldn't expect him to (like new drapes) and he wasn't getting upset over things he had been in the past.

Gave remedies for vitamin k shot for Jack and birth remedies for Harvey. Gave remedies for Pitocin for Jack and ultrasound during pregnancy for Harvey. Great behavior and "connectedness" all around. Jack also wanted to breastfeed and climb in our shirts. Voodoo?

Gave remedies for heavy metal exposure and an antibiotic for Jack. Harvey started the first miasm.
Gave remedy for doppler usage during pregnancy for Jack. He again developed a monster thirst and also got some weird bumps that look like bug bites. Rudi explained that they are a detox sign, "purging" he called it.

Gave remedy for chemical exposure for Jack and the second miasm for Harvey. Jack had a short string of very emotional days, the slightest thing brought him to tears. Two days later he asked his first "why" question! ("why is Buzz dancing?")

Current state as we get ready for miasms is fantastic, I would say. Jack is doing well in preschool, playing great with Harvey, and his behavior in the home is good - far less challenging than that of his little brother. We've seen dramatic change in immune system/allergies both with IGE and IGG. I'm so pleased with where we are! Miasms here we come!


  1. Hi Juniper: We're also going through the sequential healing using Heilkunst (in the 6th month currently). It's encouraging to hear the stories of others as well. My son has a lot of allergies, so I can relate. Nice to "meet" a like-minded mom.

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