Saturday, November 6, 2010


Jarred up a new batch of sauerkraut today. The whole shebang takes about an hour so I have to let the boys participate - fascinating process that it is. Harvey was all about it, scoopin' and snackin'. Jack tried a couple scoops but it was making him gag so he hung out on the other side of the kitchen. How did an ox belly like myself birth such a picky little guy? Just goes to show you it ain't ALL nurture. I eventually had to pry the ladle away from Harvey to which he scolded (with that furrowed brow of his) "I very upset you mommy!". My giggle was hard to conceal so he quickly followed with a "it not funny ANYMORE!". I gave him a bowl of kraut and let him lick his wounds with some Curious George.

This batch turned out better than the last, I used the previous batch's juices as a starter culture and let it sit a little longer. Not sure why but reaping the rewards of making something on my own always inspires me to get my raw on. Inspires me to seek energy from something more than just my morning mug of varnish remover.

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