Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mouths of my babes/Thanksgiving

While shopping yesterday we parked ourselves in a checkout line where Jack noticed a baby in a cart nearby. He was happy, totally bald, and heavy on the chubby cheeks. Jack loved him. The baby took a liking to Jack too and expressed it with high pitched squealing love noises! As the line crept forward Jack and I had this exchange:

Jack: But where is the baby going?
Me: He's going home with his mommy and daddy.
Jack: But I want him!
Me: Stores don't sell babies, honey.
Jack: Awwwww....(bummed to the max)

Had an unusually relaxing and especially enjoyable Thanksgiving. I farmed out as many dishes as possible and was left in charge of two things - prepping the birds for the fryer and making allergen free stuffing. The stuffing (toot my own horn alert) was SO GOOD. I will have to recreate it and measure this time as I pretty much just eye-balled each ingredient to taste. I usually take it all on myself to keep things allergen friendly but Jack has become so aware this last year that I didn't need to worry about him grabbing at food he can't have. Most years I'm so stressed about getting it all done that my stomach is cramping by the time we sit down and I don't thoroughly enjoy the food until the next day when I'm reheating leftovers. This year I relished every bite. YUM.

The boys had all their favorites around so needed very little of my attention. Didn't even hear ANY crying unless there was an owie (which happens when you wrestle big giant uncles). Grandma and grandpa, my aunt Jodie and her husband Craig, my cousin Cody (Toady), and my brothers and sisters all were there. My niece Jillian is so good with the boys - so sweet and far more mature than her age of nearly five. Here we all are:

The fam. (minus my sister's fiance and my brother Martin)

Craig, Jodie, Cody

My little brothers, Sam and DJ

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