Friday, November 19, 2010

Muffins, man..

A chilly indoor pajama day (sigh). Yesterday was Jack's last day of preschool before the Thanksgiving break so they ended the day with a feast - and we were invited! Jack loved having us there and it was really fun to have the opportunity to see him in action. He was so comfortable! Even though mama was around he happily followed the rules and routine. Highlight of the party was the song singing - it. was. adorable. But, back to today. While Harvey napped, Jack and I baked muffins. We used that steady eddy cake recipe. He actually helped a lot! Placing the paper cups in the pan...

And making sure the dry ingredients were mixed well. He even poured in the wet ingredients (couldn't take pics as I was supervising those maneuvers). But what a guy!

The aroma must have awakened Harvey because he came downstairs just when they were cool enough to eat.

Nom nom nom

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