Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time of morning

I was never a morning person. My energy seemed to flow in the evening, so I'd stay up late watching tv, snacking, journaling, tweezing my eyebrows, planning outfits, organizing, making lists of things to do - the next day and maybe even for the year ahead. My roommate was a morning enthusiast. Even after a late night she would bounce out of bed, make coffee, open the windows, blasting praise music, and perfecting her look for the day. I would stay in my dark cave of doom for as long as possible and then make my way, squinting, to the bathroom where I'd splash some water on my face before considering my work day. I used to feel guilty about that - I'd start my day feeling lazy and un-put-together (which is probably why my evenings were so "get it in order" oriented, so many good intentions). Even when Jack was tiny I had him on my preferred schedule of staying up and sleeping in late. We'd lull around until eleven o'clock or so in our pj's - friends knew not to call before ten.

That loveliness couldn't last forever and while Jack still sleeps in a bit (seven or so), Harvey has always been an earrrly riser. Common in homeopathic sulphur constitutions I'm told. He wakes up absolutely excited about life (like my old roommate!) which helps take the edge off my squinting grumpies. My night energy went out the window years ago, leaving an inertia-like pull toward my pillow in it's place. But I've finally fallen in love with morning! Everything is fresh - air, mood, opportunity. I like that I get a good hour or so to breathe, drink coffee or tea, browse email, facebook, and the blogosphere, and take a moment to stretch my body and mind before the to-do list begins. I'm still not exactly "put-together" but I don't feel guilty about that anymore. Happiness is the new pink in this season of my life. Priorities feel semi-aligned. Counting calories is a thing of the past too (whew!) which is why, when Harvey shared a cookie with me this morning, I hungrily named him "Biscotti Bear" and gobbled him up!

I bid thee farewell

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