Monday, November 22, 2010

Weather or not!

So cal got a good washing this weekend (we needz it) and we enjoyed every wet minute of it. Spent Saturday with my sis-in-law and her family. They have two boys and another on the way so it's a noisy time when we're all in the house but they were squeals and shrieks of (mostly) joy. My oldest nephew is not yet seven years old and he's up to my chin - going to be tall like his uncle Justin (6'5"). After lots of play and filling their bellies, we filled the couch to the brim and watched a bit of a movie before bed.

Yesterday we had plans to go to SeaWorld with some good friends but it was raining whales and dolphins so we opted for some indoor holiday shopping instead. Got Harvey down for an early nap and when he woke up the weather was clear so we bundled up and headed out. Best day to go to SeaWorld? A rainy one! There was no one there.

Sky ride over the bay

Close up seats at the whale show

WHAT!?!? Santa is here!? We slowly made our way over to the door thinking the boys might head for the hills. The overzealous toy soldier didn't freak them out so my confidence was rising. Elf? Unfazed. Live jack in the box? Amused. Then Jack spotted the main attraction and his face lit up like Rudolph's sleigh guiding sniffer. The expression read: Hey! I know that guy! He made his way over, they chatted, he even sat on his lap. Harvey wanted no part of it but tolerated a little lap time. No cameras allowed and their picture didn't turn out. We'll try again - we have a MONTH after all.

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