Monday, November 8, 2010

Wheat? What?? Why???

Because because because because becauuuuuuse......because we had to at some point! And an opportunity that felt natural just happened.

I was making Harvey a slice of bread with sunflower seed butter on it. The bread is organic (non-gmo), whole grain wheat, oats, and seeds. I just started buying it because none of us can stomach the rice bread and we deserve a little bread in our lives. It's very nutritious and yuh-meee. I had just fed Jack but he came into the kitchen and said "Mama, I want some of what Harvey has!". My brain went into offer an alternative mode but then I said "okay" and fixed him a slice. -- It felt like a Skippy commercial - you know the ones where the mother or grandfather takes out a fluffy slice of bread and frosts it with a thick layer of creamy peanut butter then finishes by lovingly etching a heart into it? -- I handed the bread to Jack and he gave me a commercially cute kid reaction, a look that said "it doesn't get better than this!".

It has been over 48 hours and we've had NO reaction. No rash, no behavior, no digestive weirdness. In fact, he slept great and his attitude, mood, and response to stressful situations has been fantastic. Whew! I'm not going to start loading him with wheat or anything but I just needed to know that it was more of a leaky gut and poor digestive issue than the opiate type of sensitivity that some individuals have. We know Jack can't have a lot of grains - but it's nice to lose the fear of wheat, the worry that a cross contamination could pose a threat. The more variety of grains we can offer in a relaxed rotation the better! In the past I have worried that giving him rice bread, rice crackers, rice cakes, and RICE is just way too much of one thing - and a thing without much nutritional punch. Celebrating a healthy gut! So happy for you little Jack man!

ETA: Jack may have had an almost 72 hours later reaction. Funky poop and whiney weirdness. Could have been caused by something else but we just won't know until we get him baseline again and do another trial. It's NEVER simple.


  1. That is incredible! Awesome! So happy for you!

  2. Beautiful blog! Is there a way I can see the names of songs and artists that are playing on your webpage? Very cool!

  3. Thank you - I luv your blog too. My name is Juniper and I'm a blogaholic.

    If you go to the very bottom of my page you'll see my playlist. Very easy to make and add. :)