Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Do you see what I see?

Click on images, then click again to see them in full view. Feel free to glance at our last results (which were awesome!) in this post.

The main thing we were testing for was to see if wheat (gliadin, gluten, and whole) rose on the test - why yes, they did! Also, it seems a month of wheat eating likely caused inflammation (celiac?) which caused a LOT of other foods to rise as well. I'm not going to lie, dudes - this sucks.

BUT, I have to remain realistic. Small signs were beginning to reveal themselves (change in skin texture, anxiety, less smiles) and I was trying to convince myself that I was paranoid. Mama-instinct cannot/should not be silenced. I'm very grateful for our naturopath (speaking with him tomorrow), these tests, and the symptoms that alert us that something is amiss. I vow, to myself, not to let others' opinions derail me from what I know is best for my child. I'd like to think he's like other kids who can eat everything other than their major allergens but the truth may be that he is not. Either way, I'm fighting for what he needs to heal, to the best of my ability.

Back to the drawing board. I was in a food rut anyhow, time to get back to BASIC basics.

ETA: Keep in mind that IgG and IgE are completely different. IgG levels indicate a delayed reaction whereas IgE (peanut, egg, dairy, etc - in our case) are immediate and not related to this test. This test is mainly a gauge for gut health, this change is likely a result of inflammation due to diet change (wheat/gluten being the change).

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  1. Aww man. Very interesting. I'm not sure what to think except that maybe it is celiac disease. If so, it could be worse. Gluten free for life won't be the end of the world. At least there are bunches of substitutes that you are already so good at using. :) It's also so interesting how the inflammation probably caused the increase in the other food reactions. So tricky.