Saturday, December 18, 2010

Food Allergies and Me

Remember so long ago, when I mentally noted that I ought to write a Children's book on food allergy awareness? Well....I did !! This is obviously a subject matter that is so dear to me and I wanted needed to provide the market with a book that helped families like mine. The books I did find were about specific allergens, which is great, but my kiddo is allergic to many foods, and ones that aren't "mainstream". They were also about insects and woodland creatures who weren't necessarily the voices my child needed to be able to relate to and learn from.

My vision was to write about a child who is allergic to some top allergens and who demonstrates how that affects a child's life. I wanted it to be simple but fun, informative but not fear-inducing, and most of all empowering! I wanted the story to be appropriate for a child who has allergies and for children who know others who have allergies and want to better understand what it all means. I hope you'll enjoy it. This was not a profit building endeavor but a true desire to educate allergic kids and their peers. You can see it on Amazon here (the "look inside" feature will be activated soon): Food Allergies and Me

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  1. Wow -- that's awesome. We'll definitely get this book for our son! Thanks for doing this!