Friday, December 3, 2010

Going APE

Jack had his first A.P.E. (adapted physical education) today. The class had gone on a field trip so the teacher decided to take the opportunity to assess Jack a bit and give him a chance to get used to the facility before joining the other kids next Friday. Jack responded really well to "Mr. Chris". He wouldn't talk (he needs 15 min or so to warm up to someone and we were only there for about that long) but he nodded and participated about as enthusiastically as I've ever seen him. They played catch, galloped, hopped on one foot, walked across a balance beam, etc. Mr. Chris said Jack's gross motor skills looked really good. We'll see how he does when other kids are there next week, he tends to "pull inward" in social settings so this will be great for him once he gets comfortable! He happily waved goodbye to Mr. Chris and then as I was buckling him into his car seat I asked "Do you like P.E.?" and he said "Yeah, but I was too shy and couldn't talk, it just didn't work". I told him that each time he goes he'll be less shy and that he can talk when he's ready. I hope that gives him the reassurance he needs. I can tell he wants to talk so badly but needs more time to get there and in today's quickity quick quick society he rarely gets the warm up he needs to get comfortable socially. It's happening more and more easily over time and that is enough for me. So proud of that boy!

His A.P.E. class is at a nearby elementary school, the school he'll attend half a day next year if he's accepted into their PEP program (here's hoping!). We were leaving right as lunch time was happening and we had to walk directly through the lunch table area. It was hamburger day. There were buns on the ground to prove it. Kids crammed around tables full of chocolate milk and other obvious allergens. Totally freaked me out but I tried to keep my head on straight. Harvey chanted "Hardy need chee-burger" all the way to the car. Jack was absorbing the sites and sounds of so many kids, not paying any attention to what they were consuming. We're nearly two years away from that setting and the school that Jack will go to has a designated table for those with allergies if you choose that route. And who knows where Jack's allergies will be by then.

One day at a time.

No reactions yet to the wheat. I gave him some more today. I have so many fun ideas for nutritious food options should he tolerate it well!! Recently ran into this blog, just look at the gorgeous lunches this mom has created for her food allergic little guy! So inspiring! No reason to eat another kids food when you have an amazing lunch like that. The only concern would be keeping other kids' hands off it!

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