Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jack eats'a pizza!

He managed to eat around the sauce and veggies. Bah. I'm going to have to get craftier. Calzone? We sure had fun though and they were delicious. Didn't miss the cheese one bit.

I thought having a hand in decorating ("like a Christmas tree" he joked)
might encourage consumption.

Our pretty pies in my trusty oven.


The fun ended around 8pm when he had a massive attack of congestion and fever. He also complained that his throat hurt which concerned me because strep is going around at his preschool. I googled a bit and found some comfort in reading that congestion points toward a virus, not strep. This morning his fever is gone and (skeptics skip over this section) our homeopath gave us a paper remedy for strep just to be sure. You write down the exact remedy and attach it to the body.

It's energy, folks, and it can't hurt! Besides all of that, Jack's recent miasm remedy typically produces heavy nasal congestion (we've been seeing this off and on for about a week - hence my dust mite rampage) and flu like symptoms. So it could be one of many things but we are armed with many resources and Jack is handling it beautifully. He even sipped on some sambucus for me this morning! I have a terrible fear of antibiotics (they wreak havoc on the gut) so we will do all we can to avoid them while keeping a close eye on our boy.


  1. Trader Joe's prepackaged dough. I'd love to formulate something healthier but it's "safe" and easy so I think it'll be great to use occasionally. Ingredients were basically: flour, water, oil, salt. Someone sent me a couple recipes though, I'll email them to you!

  2. I hadn't heard about a paper remedy. How cool and simple is that? Curious if it works...

  3. Yeah, I can't quite wrap my brain around it but I've learned not to question homeopathy too much. I've seen it work and accept it's complexity. If he has a virus or strep I imagine Harvey will get it too, if it's the miasm then it will clear up and we'll all be fine. So, time will tell! His fever still has not returned.